Day 1: Sandra, Tom and Carmel, 3 volunteers of PSI, arrived in Dar es Salaam at 3.00am on Sunday 16th Nov. They had a long wait until 9.30 am, when they met Fr. Msaky. They met Ali Bakar at the airport and they all flew to Pemba at 3.00 pm.


Day 2: Ali and his driver collected them at 7.00am. They went first to Makundeni village with leprosy where Ali, who had dug the well, showed them the bore hole that PSI had sponsored. The water tank was not yet in place on the tower but Ali promised it would be ready in a couple of days. They checked on the PSI electricity project in that village. They saw that lights had been installed in all houses, in each room with lights outside, in front and at back of each house. They have 3 meters and residents seem very happy with it. They drove on to Makangale, where PSI has the Bothar dairy project. They saw the bore hole, (which is also sponsored by PSI and the Irish Embassy), tower and tank. The tank is not in place but again Ali promised that it would be, in a couple of days. It has yet to be decided how MADA, the local co-op, will pay for the electricity to run the pump. They drove onto Makaani, where PSI has sponsored another well. They were met with very sad faces. The pump they had got to pump out the water was broken and Fr. Zeno was gone to get a spare part. On his return they tried again to use it but failed. Several phone calls were made to no avail.  Fr. Zeno had to return the pump and arrange for a more powerful pump on the next day.


Day 3: Spent all day in Makaani with new pump as Fr. Zeno felt they needed support. New pump worked a treat and they dug a further 2- 3 meters. They visited dying woman with Fr. Zeno. The pump had to be returned that evening.


Day 4: Started the day with a meeting with Maua, head of Social Welfare in Pemba. She was not available to accompany them herself, but laid on her driver and assistant. They went to Vitongoji Technical School where PSI has been requested to sponsor fees for students. The principal and vice principal were away, but the teachers showed the volunteers around the school. The electrical installation teacher agreed to send regular reports on the sponsored students. The college offers courses in masonry, plumbing, tailoring, welding, food production and electrical installation. They have a fabulous computer room. The volunteers then drove to Pugini well, this well was sponsored by PSI in 2012 and the water is used for vegetable production. They left an ‘End of Project Form’ with Maua for that project. They then went back to Chake and shopped for radios (for the Makundeni people with leprosy) and food for next day. There they met Penina and they left her a student application form for her daughter, who is interested in doing a computer course.


Day 5: Early start with Maua’s assistant (Hemed) and her driver. They drove to Chambani where they visited children with disabilities and brought gifts to them. They advised the parents about doing Physio with Fatuma who has a severe curvature of the spine and tightening of tendons at back of knees. The volunteers felt that something nice and soft for her to lie on would be nice gift next time, as she lies on the floor. One of the boys is not talking or walking but the other one seems OK. None of them are going to school as of yet. They then proceeded down to the sea to see Maree’s boat and engine. They asked for help to buy a sail and nets. Nets would cost in the region of 2,500 euro and a sail would cost about 250 euro. They then proceeded to Mwambe where the women have a basket making project. They sell their produce at the markets. They are doing OK, but would like a bit of money for zips and lining. On their return to Chake, they went to Kassim to ask his advice on Computer training schools.


Day 6: The volunteers went to Kisimbani with Ali’s driver. Here they met Sr. Engelbert, Sr. Honourine, Sr.Maxencia, Fr Beatus and Br. Respicious. They visited the nursery school, run by the sisters, which has only 22 students now. PSI has sponsored books, swings and paint for the school. They then went to visit the Kizimbani chicken and tailoring projects. Pastor Masud was not there but they met Mama Mary. She said they had 50 chickens and 2 died. They have 2 ducks. She feels the project is a success and thinks that PSI could finish with this project. The tailoring school has 4 sewing machines. 5 students come there, twice a week for tuition.


Day 7: The volunteers left with Ali’s driver and Hamza to go to Makangale. A very good MADA meeting was held in the school with 30 present including 3 PSI volunteers. Kombo is chairman and John Mabula is secretary. MADA received 15 cows and a bull. After one month the bull and one heifer died. Now they have 14 cows. Six male calves have been born, 3 females, 3 died and 2 are pregnant.  They expressed their thanks to PSI and said the project had given them great hope and improved the quality of their lives. They feel the cost of Jersey straws, donated by PSI with help from VIVA, at 10,000 Tsh each is very expensive. They have 2.5 millionTsh left in their account. They agreed, after discussion, to spend that money on replacement of the heifer that died and to buy a refrigerator for the milk. They asked about getting a milk separator which would cost about 500.000Tsh. Tom completed 2 ‘End of Project Forms’ for ducks and goats, projects funded by PSI in 2012. The volunteers asked Margaret and Yussef, 2 teachers at the school, to increase number of fee sponsored children by PSI to 20. Gloria has completed her first year in college, sponsored by PSI, and is doing fine.  The volunteers visited the shop which supplies meal and fertiliser to MADA which is a pilot PSI project. It looks very clean and has a good iron secure door. They met Saida who runs the shop. She was out of minerals but had some bags of pollard!


Day 8: The volunteers had a swim and picnic in Vumawimbi, a beautiful beach near Makangale.  The volunteers met some of the project managers socially at the Clove Hotel that night.


Day 9: The volunteers were picked up by Ali’s driver and Hamza. They met Asha, head of the agriculture department in her office where she showed them her proposed MA dissertation and questionnaire, partially funded by PSI. She is ready now to start inputting data and do analysis. They visited Asha’s Vegetable Group in Gombani which is in excellent shape. They have bought tanks and drippers for drip irrigation. On to Yarabi Tupe project where they are growing tomatoes, water melon and egg plants. They have bought 2 tanks here and a pumping machine.  

Next they went to Vitongoji College. The Principal was there this time. His name is Juma Musa Ali. All is in place for PSI sponsorship of 6 students to commence in January. Next they went on to meet Gervas at his office. He runs the honey project. He took them to the most beautiful place called Makuee where the hives are high up in the clove trees. The project is thriving. He is exporting to Unguja and the mainland. He now has an accountant and a manager. They visited the Nia Njema vegetable project.  It looks OK but could do with more weeding. 15 members of this co-op are involved in digging and sowing while 15 others are involved in buying and selling…seems a bit disproportionate!

Gervas then asked the volunteers to meet a new women’s group (Seluma Women’s Centre) who want help with a soap making project. They have the equipment but need help with the buying of initial raw materials. The volunteers explained about completing the PSI application form. Gervas and his manager said they would help them.

Later the volunteers, on return to Chake, helped Atanas, Penina’s daughter, to complete her education support form.


Day 10: The volunteers were picked up by Hamza, Suileiman Hija and his secretary. They were taken to meet 2 men involved in the Artificial Insemination (AI) project. The AI project is a huge success. They went on to Suleiman’s office where there was a very good meeting. Present were Suileiman  Hija, Hamza Suileiman, Salum Mohammed Salum, Omar Ali Jabir, Nassra Bakar Said, Sandra, Tom and Carmel. The Makangale cow project was officially handed over to the Dept. of Livestock. They asked if PSI could help by funding a motor bike for the Community Animal Health Worker who will be supervising the project. He will refer complicated cases to the Veterinary Services.  

The Fundo Island goat project, funded by PSI, was then discussed. They agreed to start the project in December. They will buy 14-16 female local goats and 3 breeding bucks. A local Fundo committee will be formed. They will decide who will get a goat based on those most in need. Suleiman Hija will supervise the project with the help of Mr. Salum.

The 2 Students, PSI sponsored, studying in Arusha were then discussed (Said and Omar). They will sit their exams in May or June and results will determine if they continue to second year.  

They also asked for funding to train farmers who have local animals. We advised that they complete a new application for this. They would like us to email them address of Irish Embassy aid section.

Revival of PSTz (Pemba Support Tanzania), a sister organisation to PSI, was then discussed. Everyone thought it would be beneficial. Mr. Jabir agreed to contact old and potential new members and Dec 13th was set for first meeting. It was felt that those who attend should get 10,000 Tsh to cover travel expenses. The volunteers went back to Makundeni again with Maua’s 2 assistants and distributed 25 radios to people with leprosy. The water system was fully installed but there was no water as the pipes were blocked. Ali will solve the problem. The volunteers then went on to visit 8 old people in a Nursing Home (Maua requested this) and they gave them a gift of a radio each also.


Day 11: The volunteers spent day in Chake. They shopped for Ibrahim, a special needs friend of PSI.  They visited Dr Sitti, eye specialist, in Chake Hospital. They gave her and Dr Rashid some money to aid patient’s travel. They met Dr Ali Rashid. He asked for a new ophthalmoscope and instruments for performing minor eye surgery. He is very anxious to help the poor and could be a good new member for PSTz. They visited Ibrahim and his family. The nappies they got for him were too small so they had to take them back. They could not get extra large size so they gave money instead.


Day 12: The volunteers called on the fundi for playground equipment for Kizimbani nursery school. Fr. Zeno agreed to do the best deal here and to see it through as the volunteers would be leaving the next day. They went on to visit non-speaking, non-hearing boy (Faki) and girl, near Makaani and they brought them gifts. The PSI sponsored sewing machine is there but Farhad needs another machine to do the fancy stitching required for dresses. It would cost approx. 400,000 Tsh. Faki was in good form. They travelled onto Makaani well where they found everything complete and great excitement with clean water being pumped by hand. They are very grateful to PSI and to Fr. Zeno for this. They will have the water examined by the water authority. They gave 2 students details of computer courses which they paid for from a private donation. They were very excited and grateful.


Day 13: The volunteers flew to Dar AT 10.00 am.  They were met by Ali Bakar and driver who took them to visit Asha and Miriam, two deaf and dumb girls whose study is being sponsored by PSI. They appear very happy. They gave them some money and had a tour around the school after meeting the principal Mr. Cassian Mapunda. It was Graduation day.  When Ali returned they had lunch together in airport restaurant. They discussed the new wells in Makundeni and Makangale with him. He stated he would go to Pemba on Sunday 30th November and would explain to Makangale people that the new well is back-up source of water for the cows. He will also arrange for a compressor to be used to release the clogged shaft of the bore hole in Makundeni which, he believes, is the reason for water problem. Dr Said, medical officer for people with leprosy in Makundeni whose MA study is partially sponsored by PSI, came in the evening and was delighted to get his sponsorship money and a meal!  The volunteers then flew to Istanbul at 4.30 am on Saturday morning.

Synopsis Report of trip to Pemba by PSI volunteers – 15th to 29th November 2014

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