Dear friends of ‘Pemba Support’ (PSI),

We would like to wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas. We have had a fantastic year, making a positive impact on the lives of the poor in Pemba and we look forward to the empowerment of more local communities in 2015. Thanks for your valuable, ongoing support.

Here are just some of our highlights for 2014:
1. The handing over of the Bothar – Makangale Cow Project to DAP (Department of Animal Production) after an extremely intensive 12 months of learning, building sheds, providing feeding and care for 15 cows and 10 calves (so far), selling milk and learning to work as a united community.
2. The opening of an animal feed and fertiliser shop in Makangale to aid the cow project.
3. The production and sale of honey, fruit and vegetables for four communities in Pemba supporting over 90 families.
4. Building capacity on the island through aiding 3 adults to study for a master’s degree in rural development, public health and linguistics; supporting two students in their study for a diploma in animal health and production; granting scholarships to 6 Vocational students who are studying electrical installation course in their third year, upskilling two teachers who are studying for an education degree in Chake Open University and providing fees and uniforms for 20 primary/secondary students in Makangale.
5. Providing wells for isolated communities in Makaani, Makundeni and Makangale with help from the Irish Embassy in Tanzania
6. Providing 18 goats to a Fundo island community off the coast of Pemba.
7. Installing electricity in the 28 houses of people with leprosy in Makundeni village and helping to make them self-sufficient by developing a drip irrigation fruit and vegetable growing project, funded by St Francis Leprosy Guild, London.
8. Supplying needed Church goods to the Spiritan priests, with support from the local Apostolic Work
9. 3,000 Jersey Semen Straws from Dovea Genetics, with the aid of VIVA, were sent to Pemba and are being used throughout the island – this AI service will upgrade the daily milk output from 2 litres per cow to 15 litres per cow.

Meanwhile the following ongoing projects are being supported:
1. Hygiene packs and radios are being supplied to the people with leprosy in Makundeni village
2. Recycled glasses are been delivered to people with low vision in Pemba
3. Priests are being sponsored in their further studies
4. Asha and Mariam (two deaf and dumb girls) are progressing in a two year vocational programme in tailoring at Yombo, Dar es Salaam, while Omar Salum and Gloria Mabula are studying tourism in Stonetown
5. Two groups of volunteers have worked in Pemba this year to ensure that your funded projects are progressing as planned
6. Pemba Support Tanzania (PSTz), the local sister group to PSI, is being resurrected with better leadership

Fundraising is a necessary feature and challenge for PSI but it is also a way of publicizing our work and encouraging new donors – the main fundraisers were: the Lahinch Golf Classic, the PSI Easter walk, blood pressure monitoring at Supervalu, Ennistymon, Carol singing at midnight Mass in Ennistymon, Flag Days, Church Gate collections, bag-packing in Supervalu, Ennistymon and signing Revenue Tax Back forms. Thanks to the Ennistymon CBS TYs who ran ‘Give up yer aul Jersey’ project for PSI. We encourage more generous people to donate through monthly direct debits and we are constantly looking out for new PSI volunteers. We would appreciate your ideas for our website to keep it up to date. Many thanks to a) all the volunteers, b) all donors including the INTO and JP McManus, c) priests in Pemba, d) donors of prizes for fundraisers, e) Clare FM, The Clare People, The Clare Champion, Clare Focus, The North Clare Local and parish offices; f) PSI committee members; g) parishes for allowing PSI Church gate collections

We are proud to state that ‘Pemba Support’ is a totally voluntary organisation.

We gratefully acknowledge all donations big and small from supporters, friends and family. Thanks to volunteers, fundraisers and sponsors 2014 and we look forward to your continued support for the poor of Pemba Island, Tanzania in 2015.
Yours sincerely: ‘Pemba Support’ Committee.

We cannot do everything and there is a sense of liberation in realising that. This enables us to do something and do it very well. (Oscar Romero)

Photos (Left to Right): Gombani Women’s Veg Group using Drip Irrigation, Makaani new well, Wete honey group, sponsored students in Makangale, Special Needs children in Michungwani

2014 Christmas Letter from ‘Pemba Support’ [CHY 19162]

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