The past 12 months have been extremely busy and very productive.

Work in Pemba

Makangale projects: November 2014 volunteers saw the handing over of the project that we partnered with Bothar to the DAP (Department of Animal Production) at the end of a very busy year. It was the Makangale Cow Project which saw cows being brought to this remote part of the island and following training of the locals, building of sheds, growing of grass and distribution of 15 Ayrshire and Frisian cows and a bull, some trials and errors and 9 calves to date. This is now being managed independently of PSI to hopefully go on and benefit even more people in this remote part of Pemba. Makangale has also benefitted in the past from PSI with the introduction of goats and ducks which provide a source of income. These are now projects which are being managed locally.
One novel project in Makangale was the opening of a farm feed and fertiliser shop. It will be monitored for a further 6 months and, as with all projects, the aim is for this to become sustainable and to make profit for the two women who are putting their energy and time into making it a success.
The number of students being sponsored by PSI in Makangale has increased to 20. This involves providing uniforms and fees for their primary and secondary school and this number has increased year on year with the hope that education will be the way out of poverty for these people.

A deep well has been successfully dug in this area and a tower was built for the storage of water which will help to support all the agricultural projects in this area? This was part funded by the Irish Embassy in Dar.

Goats to Fundo Island: Initially this was for Uvinje Island but the locals were not receptive to the idea so it was resubmitted for Fundo Island to start in DEC 2014 with 14-16 female local goats and 3 breeding bucks. It will be managed by a local committee and those most in need will receive goats first. Suleiman Hija will supervise the project.

Sponsoring of 2 agricultural students to go to agricultural college: It is hoped that research activities undertaken by these 2 students, will improve livestock productivity in Pemba and will help to build capacity among Government workers.

Sponsoring Asha Masters: Asha has performed well in any project she is involved with and is extremely valuable to PSI in identifying needs and organising sustainable projects. Investing in her further education will only help to ensure her good and valuable work continues as in her Vegetable Group in Gombani which is in excellent shape and ready to be handed over.

Yarabi Tube Co-Op: This has been a successful vegetable growing project, based near Chake, which is very well organised and is doing well under the supervision of Hamza.

Students in Vitongoji: Contact was made with the principal of this school and 6 students were chosen to receive funding for fees of their 3rd year Electrical Installation course. They hope to progress to further education in the mainland and are guaranteed jobs in Ali Hamad’s solar business. This could not happen for these students if they were not funded by PSI. Ali Hamad has guaranteed there will be work for these students on a solar project in Pemba and that their skills will be invaluable when fully trained which will benefit the economy of Pemba. This was made possible by funding from Michael Linnane and the INTO.

Nia Njema Group: This is a vegetable growing group under the leadership of Gervas, based in Wete, which has been established by PSI. It is in the early stages with the idea of funding itself into the future when it will be able to sell its produce. It follows on foot of another successful project with Gervas – production of honey which has now been handed over and is a successful business making profit as they are selling and exporting this honey.

Makaani Well: Water was a big priority for this remote area. A well was dug manually and, after some difficulties initially, it is now operational with a hand pump. This is another successful well and it will change the lives of the people living there.

Makundeni: Electricity has been supplied to this village where 30 people with leprosy live with their families. A deep well has also been dug and a water storage tower has been erected. This well had some difficulties but they are sorting it out. It is essential to have a supply of water in this village. These three successful wells were dug and made operational in 2014. Thanks to the Irish Embassy in Dar for their support.

Drip Irrigation is another project in Makundeni which has been supported by PSI in cooperation with St Francis Leprosy Guild who provided funding. This will support a banana tree plantation. It is predicted to yield two harvests a year which will bring income to this area and a platform to reinvest for their future. The November volunteers brought radios to this village now that they have electricity and this was to the delight of these villagers. Hygiene essentials continue to be provided by PSI to those with leprosy so as ensure their ongoing health.

3,000 Jersey Semen Straws: from Dovea Genetics, with the aid of VIVA (Volunteers in Irish Veterinary Assistance), were sent to Pemba and are being used throughout the island – this AI service will upgrade the daily milk output from 2 litres per cow to 15 litres per cow. This project has proved to be very successful and is making a huge difference to the people.

Michungwani: A trip to this village was made by the November volunteers who saw the 3 disabled children that PSI identified in 2013. The older girl Fatuma (22) remains very disabled and the family were advised to do physio with her. She is currently lying on the floor. The next boy is Hakim (8) not walking or talking but the last child, Fakmi (3), is now walking and seems OK. None of these 3 children attend school as there are limited educational facilities for disabled children. The boat that received the outboard engine from PSI in 2013 was visited by volunteers and, while this has been successful, they are still operating with fishing rods and they have requested a sail and nets.

Asha and Mariam (2 deaf and dumb girls in their 20’s studying in Yombo, Dar): The girls are doing well in their course and seem to be very well and happy that their course will continue to be funded to the end. It was felt that maybe on completion of their studies, that PSI could buy a sewing machine for them both. This might be an idea to ensure a future livelihood for them.

Kizimbani Nursery: Despite some difficulties, the 22 children in this nursery school will soon have swings. PSI has also supplied text books to the school during the year. They are finding it difficult to transport children to the school.

Dr Said is completing his masters in infectious disease and part of his fees is supported by PSI. He has worked very hard in Pemba for the poor and for people with leprosy. He is a key person in identifying projects for PSI. He will return to work in Pemba on completion of his MA.

Salim (English tutor for Benjamin W. Mkapa Teacher Training College) is being sponsored by PSI with some of his Masters fees. He also has been of great support in Pemba to our charity and, hopefully, he will be in the future.

People with low vision: Dr Siti has been supported by Pemba Support over the past number of years. Recycled glasses have been brought to Chake by volunteers. Drs. Siti and Rashid have also been given money to help people to travel for eye appointments and to subsidize the cost of new glasses. Some hearing aids have also been delivered to Chake hospital. Dr Ali Rashid asked for an ophthalmoscope and some instruments for doing minor eye surgery. Dr Siti has some requests for treating the children’s eye problems.

IT support for two students in Makaani: A private donor paid for a computer course for two lucky students.

Ibrahim (special needs teenager): PSI provides some incontinence wear for this physically and intellectually disabled boy.

Vocational training support in Unguja for Gloria Mabula studying to be a hotel receptionist and Omar Salum who is studying Tourism in Jambiani College.

Pemba Support Tanzania (PSTz): The first meeting took place in December2014. An interim committee was formed. It is hoped that with support from PSI, they will be able to identify the most needy areas that may need help and submit project applications to PSI to support small, affordable, sustainable local projects that help the poorest people to develop.

Opening of a PSI Bank Account in Chake: This was arranged in Feb 2014 and is a major breakthrough for the charity as it allows for projects to be funded throughout the year. It has proved to be very successful so far. The signatories are trustworthy people, well known to the committee for many years. Thanks to Asha, Kassim, Hamza and Ali Hamad for taking on that responsibility.

Volunteer trips are a vital part of Pemba Support. Two groups travelled to Pemba over the past 12 months and worked tirelessly to bring about success in the projects. February 2014: Pat and Neilus; November 2014 Tom, Carmel and Sandra.

Fundraising: Target was set for 2014 at €20,000. PSI raised €46,240 in 2014

The Year Ahead:
PSI hopes that 2015 will be as successful as 2014. We work in partnership with local leaders to develop new projects. Ideas for projects are initiated by people on the ground in Pemba but already in 2015 we are expecting applications from:

•Salemu Women’s group for soap making,
•Michungwani Co-operative needs fishing net and sail,
•The Department of Animal Production are requesting a motorbike for an outreach worker,
•Drs Siti and Ali Rashid, Eye Department of Chake Hospital need surgical equipment,
•Atanas’ Application for a one year Advanced Certificate Course in ‘Wild Life and Tourism’ in Arusha.
•Revisiting the Camara project for 10 schools in Pemba in 2015 (€22,000 – vetting, initial training (1 week), one year’s maintenance and follow-up training (1 week) a year later – It would not include any development/outfitting of the schools’ labs)

Hopefully other applications will come from PSTz, who are aware of the needs of the poor in Pemba.

I would to take this opportunity to thank:
•All the volunteers for their commitment, fundraising efforts, hard work and co-operation
•All donors big and small, sponsors, supporters and people who helped with organization of fundraising events
•The donors of gifts that we brought to Pemba during the year and those who donated prizes for fundraisers.
•Clare FM, The Clare People, The Clare Champion, The North Clare Local and parish offices for assistance with publicity.
•Our loyal committee members, especially Secretary, Bridget and Treasurer, Noirin for their work and Pat and Neilus, who work in the office,
•The priests of the parish for giving us the use of the Nuns’ Chapel for meetings.

Maria Gallagher Chairperson, ‘Pemba Support’ (CHY 19162); January 5th, 2015

Don’t ever question the value of volunteers;
Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers – the Titanic was built by professionals!

‘Pemba Support’ CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT January 2014 – Dec 2014

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