Two of the founders of Pemba Support, Neilus and Pat O’Doherty, served in an educational capacity in Pemba, with VSO, during 2007/08. They got some funding from home which they used for educational and income generating projects and for the alleviation of poverty projects.

On their return home they organized 12 local volunteers to travel to Pemba in 2009 to help lay the foundations of a Community Centre in the main town Chake Chake. The Charity ‘Pemba Support’ was registered in 2010 and in July 2010 ten volunteers worked in Pemba to help in the roofing of that Community Centre. In 2011, 15 volunteers painted the Community Centre and laid plans for PSI to extend its work to projects for the needy communities in Pemba. These projects have developed and in 2015, they are helping to move the poor of Pemba to a better life.