‘Pemba Support’ is a totally voluntary organisation.

We gratefully acknowledge all donations big and small from supporters, friends and family.

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School/Groups Sponsorship

Groups can fund-raise for larger projects, and Pemba Support will arrange for a certificate to be given in acknowledgment of this support.

Pemba Support can also visit your company/group/school and give a presentation on its work and the difference your support can make to the communities in Pemba


Give a regular donation to Pemba Support

By setting up a regular donation through a Standing Order/Direct Debit, it will help Pemba Support to carry out the following:

1.It will allow us to continue to provide necessary funds for the education of the children in Nursery/Primary/Secondary schools and will give a second chance to adults who have fallen out of the educational system.

2.It will enable us to continue to work with communities in Pemba and provide them with essential medical, educational and  income generating support.

3.It will allow us to continue to support Irish volunteers going to Pemba to work on projects there.


                                                                                                               Bank Details

Account Name:  Pemba Support
Bank Name:  

Bank of Ireland
Parliament St.
Co. Clare


IBAN Number: IE77 BOFI 9042 2976 5358 61

Branch Code: 90 – 42 – 29

Account Number: 76535861

For all queries related to Pemba Support please contact Secretary on  pembacharity@gmail.com